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New VLE address

New VLE address

by Jon Neades -
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To reflect the academic nature of our services, we have recently been granted use of an academic domain

As a consequence we are moving all our services, include the VLE, to this new domain. For the VLE, instead of the old address we will in future be using

The old address will still work but will redirect automatically to the new address.  This change will take place on Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

Changing to a new domain means that any of the old login user name and passwords cached in your browser will no longer work so you will have to login afresh after this change. It would be worthwhile checking what your login details are before this change takes place and noting your user name and password so that from Tuesday 23rd you will be able to login.  Once you have logged in again, the login details can be cached in your browser as they are at the moment.

The same will hold true of logins using the Moodle mobile app. From 23rd February you will need to logout of the moodle app and login again using the new site address.

Note that all of your existing work and all your grades will be maintained as it is simply the name of the site which is changing and nothing else.

From Tuesday 23rd February 2021, do please browse to the VLE using the address  

We are in the process of updating our other web sites and email as well and from 23rd February any links which point to the VLE will be updated to use the new address.

We do not anticipate any major difficulties with this move, but if anyone does spot anything which doesn't work properly, do please let me know.