Our foundation courses are designed to be studied either before or during one of the main courses.  See the description below.

Maths for Collision Investigators - This is the first discipline a collision investigator has to conquer.  Maths for collision investigators is a six week distance learning course which anyone can register for and take.  It is designed to be taken before you start the UCPD.

Collision Investigation Maths Assessment (CIMA) - Take this test after you have completed Maths for Collision Investigators. You can print a certificate with your score.

Physics for Collision Investigators - This is a brief introduction to some of the key concepts in physics that you will meet during your studies.

Excel for Collision Investigators - You will need a basic understanding of how to use Excel (or any other spreadsheet programme) as Part of your UCPD.  

A short course in using RelMo

This is an untutored introductory module covering the essential mathematics required for the UCPD.   You can either self-enrol for this module or contact AiTS to enrol you.

This is a maths screening test provided for those who wish to undertake the UCPD Level 4 in Forensic Road Collision Investigation.  It is designed to give you some feedback as to the level of your maths.  Use this quiz in conjunction with the free Level 4 short course Maths for Collision Investigators.

This is an introduction to physics, mainly for anyone who has not studied physics before.  The idea is to introduce some of the key concepts, but in no great detail, so that when you are ready to study the main Physics module in your UCPD course not all of it will be alien to you.